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Книга In Your Car: Road Trip through the American Automobile в нашем каталоге

Компания ИК «ИнтерАктив» предлогает вам ознакомиться с In Your Car: Road Trip through the American Automobile издательства Authorhouse. Формат книги . In Your Car: Road Trip through the American Automobile из серии другая литература.

In Your Car: Road Trip through the American Automobile вышла тиражом в 200 экз..

Подробное описание In Your Car: Road Trip through the American Automobile

ISBN 978-1452015989- 2010 г.

Cерия: другая литература

Wearing latex gloves, Kelley Styring picks through the interior of a Chevrolet Malibu like a CSI technician searching for clues... Consumer strategist, savvy researcher and fearless innovator Kelley Styring has stalked shoppers in grocery stores, watched people shower, peeked inside purses and questioned gum chewers via Twitter, all in the name of science. Her passion: to learn new information about consumers, uncover exciting product opportunities and inspire innovation. Now, the author of In Your Purse: Archaeology of the American Handbag has packed up the family in a shiny Honda Pilot and headed for the open road, determined to find out what's In Your Car! ...as any marketer will tell you, you are what you drive, and the stuff you take with you on the journey can reveal even more." Chris Woodyard, "Is There Junk In Your Trunk Right Now?" USA Today, July 2, 2008 "With In Your Car, Styring delivers an object lesson in how to make research fun and make it work at the same time: push yourself to use the simple questions to get past the obvious answers and learn some really big things." Joel Benenson, lead pollster to President Obama, president and co-founder of Benenson Strategy Group "Think you know cars? Buckle up! Styring drives you through the wide open spaces and little known outposts of the great American automobile. This gifted cultural archeologist inspires new marketing-to-driver-and-passenger ideas you won't leave in the glove box. I loved this ride!" Nan McCann, co-founder, M2W... The Marketing to Women Conference "Styring reminds us once again that the best research and road trips both offer adventure, excitement and danger around every curve. Hit the road with In Your Car and rev up your business! Marti Barletta, author of Marketing to Women and PrimeTime Women, and CEO of The TrendSight Group.

Издатель - Authorhouse

ИК «ИнтерАктив» - это команда энергичных амбициозных высококвалифицированных профессионалов, влюбленных в свою работу. Для нас не существует недостижимых целей и непостижимых задач. Незаурядные идеи и работа, нацеленная на результат - наше кредо. Мы уверены в огромном потенциале российского фондового рынка, при этом понимаем, что его развитие сопряжено с высокими рисками. поэтому для того чтобы обезапасить себя от этих рисков, нужно много знать, и In Your Car: Road Trip through the American Automobile, помогает нам в решении таких проблем.